Profile Convertor Guide

How to use

The profile convertor is used as an easy way to upload your billing information to different bots. Create a profile just once from the Rockytools app, and export it to whatever bot you need it to go to. When using multiple bots at once, this greatly speeds up the process of setting up your tasks and accounts.

How to create profiles

You can create profiles directly from the Rockytools app by pressing the “New Profile” button in the top left corner, and simply filling out the sheet with all of your information. Alternatively, you can upload a Google Sheets spreadsheet for easily profiles in bulk.

How to import from google sheets

You can import your profiles from google sheets by pressing the “Import Profile” button in the top right of the Rockytools profile convertor page. The “Google Sheet ID” is the ID located in the URL of your google sheet. For example, ““, in this URL, your ID is the charactors in between the “/d/” and “/edit”. “1hESwXlaed8MjsWplHEATflLcOeEuzwhNb38” would be your ID. The “Google Sheet Name”, is NOT the name of the whole document, it is the name of the individual sheet that can be found at the bottom left of your page. The default name is “Sheet1”. You can change this to whatever you wish it to be, as long as it has no spaces, and doesn’t have any special characters.

Here is a template that can be used to import your profiles. Upon opening the file, go to “File” and then “Make a Copy”, and you can then add your own profiles on your own personal copy.

Want to request a bot?

We’d love to help you out and get your bots added to the program! Let us know if there are any bots you would like to see added in the #suggestions section of our official Discord server.