One Click Gen Guide


Create a new task by pressing “New Item”. Type a display name or nickname to associate with the task, add a proxy if you would like, and then press authenticate. From here, you will be prompted to sign in to your google account. Repeat this process to add as many accounts as you would like (See recommended settings if adding multiple accounts). Adjust the settings in the “Settings” section of the application to your needs. Once all settings are selected, press start, and your tasks will generate activity, bringing you future one clicks!

Recommended Settings

Proxy Run Duration: 60 Minutes Proxy Max Running Profiles: 2

Localhost Run Duration: 60 Minutes Localhost Max Running Profiles: 4 Common Settings: 12-24 hours


  • No matter how old an account is, or if it already gets one clicks, keep running it for daily activity. This will allow the account to become more and more trusted, and maintain a high score.
  • A fresh google account will take 3-6 days of good activity in order to start generating one clicks. Once you finally get a one click on an account, do NOT stop running it for activity. Running it daily for a few hours will allow you to maintain your status.
  • Running tasks takes up both CPU space and memory space. Every PC is different, and can handle different amounts of load. Test with various numbers of tasks, and check how much load it is taking up in your task manager.
  • To add proxies, simply select a proxy group, and it will randomly assign a working proxy to your tasks.
  • If possible, use proxies in a region close to your home IP.
  • Always using the same proxy for an account consistently will allow for best results. Changing the IP of an account frequently will send a red flag to google, and you may not be able to generate one clicks.
  • For best results, run at least once a day, everyday. Generating activity on the same accounts over time will increase the amount of one clicks that account gets, and it will maintain a good recaptcha score.
  • ALWAYS keep the program open while you are running tasks, and stop tasks before closing the program. Closing the program will also close the activity tasks.
  • Check up on the program occassionally to ensure tasks are still running.
  • In order to best keep track of your accounts, run them all together at the same time.


To view the status, or score of an account, Simply press the “test all” button. This process may take a few minutes to fetch your scores, so please be patient. The scores will be displayed in the form of smiley faces. View down below to see what each score means.

Score Breakdown

  • 0.1-0.3: Red Frowny: Either the account has minimal activity, the IP is not trusted, it’s a brand new account, or it’s a really old account just now getting activity.
  • 0.5-0.7: Blue Straight Face: Account is starting to get better history and IP is not flagged. Keep running to eventually get a 0.9.
  • 0.9: Green Smiley: Solid activity history and good IP. Continue running to get one clicks.